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April 5, 2012 / Hallie Madenski

Chewable Coffee ‘Grinds’ Endorsed By Major League Baseball Players

Is sipping coffee such a pain or is there something refreshing about a slivery shot of caffeine to the gums that led to the creation of chewable coffee?

Matt Canepa and Pat Pezet launched Grinds in 2009 and immediately began testing their product on baseball players, handing out samples and gaining insightful feedback.

The nicotene-free pouches currently come in three flavors – Cinnamon Roll, Mocha and Mint Chocolate. The “cans” are relatively cheap at $11.99 for three. They are marketed as both “a healthy alternative to tobacco for professional baseball” and “coffee in your pocket.” 

Endorsements from both the minor and major leagues are posted all over their website. From the manager of the SF Giants to Yankee Nick Swisher.

I’m behind this. Chewing tobacco is banned in the minor leagues but not in the majors and this is a great replacement for the grossest habit ever besides actually smoking cigarettes.

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  1. Lizzie / Apr 7 2012 4:21 pm

    mY Sisters friend put some in her cooch, and I ate her out. Not bad I must say….


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