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April 18, 2012 / Hallie Madenski

Rihanna’s Vacation Photos Will Make You Feel Boring

Remember that study about Facebook, that said it makes everything worse for people with low self-esteem (almost everyone) because “Prominent displays of status updates, flattering photos and shots of happy-looking people” make us feel like scheisse?

Rihanna’s latest Facebook photos fall right under that description. Ms. BarbadoClownTastic’s picture section was just updated with no more than 169 visuals from her vacation to Hawaii late last year.

Waterfall skinny dipping, back and frontal grabbage, surfing, horseback riding, swimming with sharks,

drinking, sunbathing, one where it totally looks like she’s peeing through male genitalia

and another where she appears to be applying tanning oil?

We get it. You’re more fun than us. Give it a break.

And the best part of the Battleship trailer is?…. When Rihanna says “boom.”

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  1. Lizzie / Apr 18 2012 1:02 am

    whore spreading ur legs with all ur eggs/////////////


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