Black Miley Cyrus! (Meet Judi Jai, of Bad Girls Club)

Have you ever wondered what a black version of Miley Cyrus would be/look like?

Well look no further, I found her. She’s season 7 Bad Girls Club cast member Judi Jai! The hit show on Oxygen recently aired its seventh season, revealing the absolute most manic, crazy, attention-seeking member possibly ever in the show’s history.

Not only do they look alike (it’s more obvious in videos) but they act alike. Spouting crazy lines, making faces and funny hand gestures without ever really thinking of the impact. Well, without ever really thinking at all, period. (That is the type of thing that earned Miley a reoccurring skit on SNL, The hilarious Miley Cyrus show, with Vanessa Bayer as Miley)

Judi Jai is almost more like the SNL version of Cyrus than Miley herself.

This season of Bad Girls Club takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, the second of only two of the show’s seasons to take place outside of LA. Though Jai is from Illinois, she used to live in Louisiana and constantly refers to herself as “creole.”

She also talks about having 5,000 Facebook friends, which is actually funny because currently she has 4930, and that’s AFTER the show has aired two episodes of course. So I’m guessing she embellished that part during the filming process.

She also is reminiscent of season 4’s Natalie Nunn, the name-dropping queen of weaves that make you look partially bald but with sideburns on your forehead.

Judi is 21, and the “Voodoo Vixen” of the show. Which just means she carries around a big ugly voodoo doll that is nearly as tall as her with one strand of hair and weird white popcorn boobs.



Judi is also causing controversy on Youtube, in hilariously weird, inane videos of her and transgendered friend Sidney Starr talking about nothing. More videos from Jai can be found at:

16 thoughts on “Black Miley Cyrus! (Meet Judi Jai, of Bad Girls Club)

  1. Louisiana Creole people refers to those who are descended from the colonial settlers in Louisiana, especially those of French and Spanish descent


  2. Judi is not black DUH!! shes creole.. she even said on the show that she was mixed with 4 different things, and she doesn’t look like miley wtf..


  3. hahaha I’m SO glad you said that you noticed the resemblance!! It was the first thing my daughter and I said when we saw her on the first episode!!! CRAZY, I wonder if Miley has seen her! Too Funny!!

    BTW, I’m adopted and live in MN but my birth family is from Lake Charles too and I’m mixed so….”ummmm I’m Creole!!!!”


    1. Creole is not mixed, although people try to swing it that way. Creole is a basically a mixture of cultures. So you can be racially black and be Creole, and you can be racially white and be a Creole, or Hispanic, and within the United States the majority of Creole originate in Louisiana, many coming via Haiti during the revolution.


  4. I love Judi because although she can’t fight (we learned that the first 30 seconds of the premiere), she stands up for herself and she isn’t letting Shelly get under her skin. Shelly is a huge bully and I’m waiting for her to go home because I’m tired of hearing her mouth already! Yes, Judi got drunk on the first night, but I’ve learned that not everyone deals with being in a new situation the same. I don’t like Shelly and she just reminds me of a bully I had when I was younger and it makes me feel sympathetic towards Judi. I can’t wait to see what happens this Monday night and although I’ll be at work when it comes on I can still watch it on my phone! I went ahead and signed up for the Sling Adapter with my DISH Network employee account so I would never miss a minute of it. The Sling Adapter is normally $99 but with a special promotion with DISH Network, new and existing customers can now get it for free. People can go here to get more information!


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