Brooke Hogan Is An Animal

[Photo by Jordan Michael Zuniga]

And when I say she’s an animal I don’t mean like, a Ke$ha Animal, not like a simple party girl, which she is, but literally an animal in a cage.

The semi-infamous daughter of now divorced Hulk and Linda Hogan, posed nude in a dog cage to benefit PETA, at the Cafeina gallery in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida.

The event was simplistically called Women In Cages, and was held on Thursday as an invite-only event, open to the public tomorrow, August 13th.

80% of profits from the “art” are to be donated to PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) or as I like to call them PWLPNP, “Perverts who like pictures of naked people.” (Using animal donations as a wise excuse/cover)

Her famous bald-bandanna-banana-hair dad also showed up with his gold-digging wife Jennifer McDaniel, and yes she looks like Brooke. He is one of many famous dads with creepy-daughter relationships, such as Beyonce’s dad (Matthew Knowles) Donald Trump and Joe Simpson.

…And there’s a bunch of pictures of Brooke making weird faces, trying to be the hot AND funny girl? Fail.

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