I’ve Had It With These Motherfuckin’ Bats On This Motherfuckin’ Plane!

Last Friday, August 5th, on a Delta Airlines Flight from Wisconsin to Georgia, a bat snuck its way on a plane and flapped its Nosferatu-self up and down the aisles as several of the 50 passengers on board swatted at it with what I assume to be rolled-up copies of Delta Sky Magazine. Passenger Mike Schmidt managed to capture the above video of the bat’s short-lived plane adventure.

The bat was eventually trapped in the bathroom by passengers on flight 5121, from Madison to Atlanta. The real clincher is, the plane was searched and apparently, the bat was never found. So it could totally happen again, to you, dun dun dun.

A Spokesperson for Delta Airlines said that the bat might have flown into the plane’s undercarriage to nest, and somehow got onto the plane that way.

Too bad Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson’s notorious b-movie role in Snakes On A Plane) wasn’t there…

…Cause he would have lit that cute little bat on fire, shot it, flushed it down the toiler, or thrown it out the emergency exit. These tame people and their newspapers… Actually the bat was only medium-sized and not a threat to anyone, but still, it seems like it might be a little scary to be trapped on a plane with a bat, regardless.

“Ca Ca, sonar sonar, you people taste better in the air than on ground, bite bite chomp chomp nom nom.”

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