Machete AND Sin City Sequels, Coming Your Way

At this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, Robert Rodriguez officially confirmed funding and titles for Machete and Sin City sequels.

A Sin City sequel has been rumored since the original movie’s release in 2005 while another Machete film was a lesser known topic. Rodriguez told the public that both movies had funding and that he’d like to start filming Sin City 2: A Damn To Kill For in the fall and is looking to included members of the original cast.

He also thanked the crowd/fans for their Machete support and mentioned that because of above-expected DVD sales, a sequel and even maybe a third movie have been given the green light by studio execs.

Rodriguez even joked about the third Machete being called Machete Kills Again In Space (I’d love to see that, it would be just like Leprechaun 4: In Space, or Jason X, only much much campier/funnier)

The second in the mexploitation series will be called Machete Kills while the Sin City sequel is only rumored to be called Sin City 2: A Damn To Kill For because of the second Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name, though it is likely that that is the actual title.

Danny Trejo will return! Hell yeah.


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