Keep Your Shirt On, Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, 43, went for a beachside romp yesterday in Hawaii with Danny Moder (her husband) and their three children. I know she’s only relaxing and taking a day off, not at a photo shoot, but I gotta say, Julia, you look much much better with your shirt on.

Like  as in good! The shirt is good, I’d be like, “Julia Roberts is a cougar,” but then shirt off I’m like “Ohhh nooo, she’s as floppy as Larry Crowne was at the box office.”

2 thoughts on “Keep Your Shirt On, Julia Roberts

  1. I think this article is extremely rude. She’s a 43 year old mother of three still rocking her amazing body, not caring what the cameras think. I wonder how the body of the keyboard warrior behind this article would compare at 43 with three kids.


  2. As a 33 year old mom of 2 kids myself. I would love to have Julia’s body. She is still very sexy at 43. Are you a mom? If not then you don’t understand no one just looks perfect after wards, and Julia is as close to perfect as there is. You should watch pretty women.


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