Weird Shit I Found On The Internet

So, I was cruising around Craigslist looking for a $5 copy of Uncharted 2 (no luck) and I decided it would be amazing to present you with an assortment of weird things that you can buy on the internet. Also includes two Ads from the Craiglist Personals section. Very entertaining…

This collection of odd things consists of a depressing abortion sculpture (above), penis earrings, skin advertising, Nintendo soap, $250 Lady Gaga tennis shoes, and a potato chip that they claim looks like a storm trooper. Hot.

Kinky Unicorns. Always a blast.

Smells like Mario’s underwear and Wrinkly Kong’s tissue paper.

How does THAT resemble a stormtrooper? Let me know, I am trying really hard to see it.

Ummmmmm. Yes, babies are not self-conscious. Thumbs up partially evolved human who can type and sort of form sentences.  Why was this in the Men Seeking Women section? The rest of the post was just him describing his ideal girl, so I dunno. Confusion again.

Do you feel sad and lonely without a penis by your ear? Here is your solution, diarrhea dicksicle.

$250 seems a bit high?

Advertise on a skanky body!  Only $500! Where’s Frederick’s of Hollywood when you need ’em?


And, last but not least a zebra! ..Car. It’s almost as long as that trailer it’s parked in front of.

…Haha okay, that’s it. Hopefully I’ll find some more crazy things to put up on here in the future. These will have to do for now.

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