Lame VMA Announcement/A Normal Look For Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga made a “special” announcement on August 18th about the VMAs (She’s going to open at the show) and she was wearing what seems to be, for her, a normal outfit!?

Besides the birdlike/sea coral combo hat, this is pretty tame.

She appeared at Times Square (former gathering place of TRL fans) to make the inane comment that she will be the opener at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 28th…

We already knew she was going to be there, so why couldn’t she just write this on Twitter or something? Besides Adele and the Britney Tribute, Lady Gaga is really the only semi-exciting performer to attend. Her jazzy promos aren’t really helping though.

The Lady Gaga I fell in love with sang “Just Dance” and “Poker Face,” not a bunch of arty dive-bar piano ballads. I understand that it’s her “core” as a performer and she’s just expressing herself, but I hate it and she should do the right thing and repress it.

“We did it Sway,” she exclaims upon arrival, greeting the VJ with the assumption that he is the biggest fan in the world and had been rooting for her since the dawn of time. Yeah right. Then her fans hold up a sign that is too heavy for their gay arms (above)

Are you wondering what she’s going to perform? It’s “Judas” and “You & I.” Why wouldn’t it be? What NEEDS to happen is Britney needs to jump on stage in a transparent surrong and dance on Gaga’s flaming piano while lip-syncing to “Gimme More.”

What do you think?

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