Megan Fox Poses For Obscure Foreign Magazines

Megan Fox appears on the cover of both Elle Slovenia (sounds like a plot to kidnap starlets, a la Hostel) and also Amica, an Italian fashion publication, for their September issues.

The Elle Slovenia cover is very casual, while on Amica she kind of looks like a witch who suffered a terrible curse that caused her to grow thick black fur all over her body, except for the arms and face, thank god.

OR she could just be going to the Italian equivalent of The Kentucky Derby, where they host fashion shows on a really long/wide catwalk, and the models double as jockeys. I would sooo go see that. Sadly there’d be a lot of fatalities…

She told Amica a few interesting things, like that she’s getting her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed due to its negative connotations, not the simple fact that it is ugly. Also, she is still isn’t so sure of herself when she’s off-screen and that she got her bellybutton pierced to emulate Britney Spears (me too Megan, I get it)

“What they call me, “sexy,” is not something that I can operate or shut down at will but something that shines through as a journey, from how I talk, how I move. On the screen I seem very sure of myself, but the real world is the place where I feel more conflict.”

Pictures from Megan’s Amica spread:

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