Video: Friendly Fires – “Hawaiian Air”

And here I present the latest single from Friendly Fires, directed by documentary filmmaker Chris Cottam. “Hawaiian Air,” the sad but sweet, melancholy sound of late summer, or in the case of Hawaii, all-year-round heat accompanied by mass rainstorms.

The song is from their second CD, Pala, released on XL Recordings.

The band are still mourning the loss of their trumpet player, Richard Turner, 27, who toured and performed frequently with them. (Why do people click “like” on obituaries?? It’s fucked up) Turner passed away two days ago of cardiac arrest while swimming in a South London pool near his home. Check out his jazz band, Round Trip. Rest in peace, talent.

There’s something about this video, the editing and inane scenic/plane imagery, even though it’s kind of like some tape a travel agent would hand you, it’s well done. Not even my favorite song, but it’s one of those videos that forces itself on you – and in the end you don’t blow your rape whistle.

Could also be described as the “sweaty-plane-crash-Travel-Channel-Honolulu-anthem-of-summer,” you decide.

.Steel guitar and the melee sound.

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