Frank DiLeo (October 23, 1947 – August 24, 2011)

Frank DiLeo, 63, a promoter, actor and manager passed away  yesterday in Pittsburg due to complications from heart surgery.

He starred in Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Wayne’s World 1 and 2, and most prominently managed Michael Jackson at the height of his career during the 80’s.

He had worked for Epic Records and RCA promoting noted bands of that time such as Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper and REO Speedwagon. He also helped make Jackson’s Thriller album the success that it was – the bestselling album of all time.

In 1989 he had stopped representing Michael Jackson, after his Bad album “underperformed,” compared toThriller, that is. Frank continued his work as a manager in the 90’s for artists like Richie Sambora.

DiLeo became Michael Jackson’s manager again in 2009 for his This Is It concert which never saw the light of day, and he was the one who first told Jackson’s children of his passing on June 25th of that year.

Ultimately Frank DiLeo was an extremely successful businessman in the entertainment industry, a large balding Italian man, with a ponytail and a cigar dangling from his mouth like Tony Soprano – he was the classic image of management at that time.

He is survived by his wife, Linda DiLeo, his two children and his grandson, also named Frank.

In Wayne's World (1992)

Rest in peace, talent.

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