Get Psyched For The All-Star Britney Spears VMA Tribute!!

We heard a bit ago that VMA favorite of the past, Britney Spears, is getting her own tribute at the VMAs… Now I’m almost 100% sure that Madonna Katy, Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato and Janet Jackson will be involved.

It’s even rumored that Lady Gaga might sing “Circus?” Though that sounds pretty falsified to me.

Not to mention, Britney may perform snippets of two of her songs or more, I’m hoping.

Where on earth is Rihanna while all this is happening? I thought for sure after she did that wonderful remix of “S&M” with Britney that she’d want to get on this.

MTV has a bunch of amazing content on Britney’s historical pop timeline at the Video Music Awards, watch past performances and photos HERE.

This tribute is coming not long before her 30th birthday on December 2nd. Happy venti Frappuccino birthday B-rears!!! You deserve this tribute, even though you’re only 29.

What do you think?

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