Britney Spears Wanted To Be A Teacher, Ya’ll

In an interview with Pop Justice Ms. Britney Jean Spears told the website that if she hadn’t been a pop superstar, her life would have gone in a very different direction,

“I’d probably be a teacher…I love kids, and even in what I do now one of my favorite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before the show. Especially the little ones. They are always so cute.”

Well I bet a lot of people wish Britney Spears had been their teacher. And I’m not gonna make fun of her for this one, because I’ve had way worse teachers than Britney Spears, and with the education system in America…

We could all use a nice lady like Britney teaching us,

“Reading and history,” she mentioned? 

Ahhh, Ms. Spears, [Raised hand] I have a non-school related question? Where did you get your hair extensions, jean shorts and bedazzled belt? My mom says she saw you doing Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” at a karaoke bar the other day? Is that true?

Remember that teacher in the “Baby One More Time” video? She had a life-altering experience by listening to Britney Spears’ music! She was a crabtree wench in the beginning, then at the end she’s all ecstatic and doing the Seinfeld Elaine Dance?

…That’s what Britney would do for kids, make the grumpy ones with divorced-parents happy again with her Southern accent and inviting, motherly cleavage.

What do you think?

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