It’s Britney, Bitch!! (Video Nostalgia)

Because I’m thrilled about the Britney VMA tribute tomorrow, here are a bunch of videos of random Britney Spears moments… From Singing with Michael Jackson to The Madonna kiss to the strip tease to Pepsi ads to the snake slave dance to Glee’s Heather Morris to the “Circus” video!

(Britney Spears performing “The Way You Make Me Feel” with Michael Jackson, at Madison Square Garden)

(The famous Madonna/Britney kiss. Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliot were there too I think. Check out Avril Lavigne’s reaction! And Eminem, Beyonce, the Queer Eye guys, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake. Priceless)

(At the 2002 VMAs, the first glimpse of non-virginal Britney at the show, and to America in general. People actually thought that suit was see-through! Dumbasses)

(One of at least three major Britney Spears’ Pepsi Commercials that ran constantly in 2002 check out her superbowl Pepsi ad w/Pink and Beyonce HERE and her as a hippie for Pepsi HERE)

(Her most amazing VMA performance ever, albino pythons worldwide rejoiced)

(Glee’s tribute to Britney Spears, with Heather Morris/Brittany S. Pierce and Naya Rivera/Santana doing “Me Against The Music”)

(And, a more recent music video from B-Rears, “Circus,” the title track from her 2008 album)

Be sure to watch the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, or watch the beginning and ignore the rest.

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