Jersey Shore Residents Are Stupid Even When There’s A Hurricane

As you know, Hurricane Irene is terrorizing the East Coast with its swirling winds and nonstop rainfall. It is a category one hurricane that first hit land in North Carolina, and is the first to make landfall in the United States since 2008.

At least seven people’s lives have already been claimed by Irene, and the hugely populated areas of the East Coast are now being hit, causing thousands of people to evacuate.

However, that has not stopped people from being idiots. I already saw a news story about a reporter today in Virginia who had an interruption due to a streaker who flashed not only his rear but his front-facing airbags as well…

Now I’m learning that a bunch of geniuses at the Jersey Shore have decided that it’s a great time to grab their longboards and jump into the ocean. I’m thinking, I don’t want anyone to die, but if you get hurt surfing during a hurricane that really isn’t going to surprise anyone or get a ton of sympathy.

One NJ surfer, Guy Gallo, told Reuters,

“You don’t want to get caught out when the hurricane hits.”

(Right before he paddled out into the water)

[My advice is: DON’T GO SURFING WHEN THERE’S A HURRICANE, APPROACHING OR IN PROGRESS. I should receive a Nobel Peace Prize]

What do you think?

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