Chris Brown BUTCHERS Nirvana

Soooo, Chris brown came out at the VMAs to dance along to a bunch of songs. He did not sing at all, though he pretended too, barely. Even if he had sung it wouldn’t have mattered because it was complete techno auto-tune bullshit.

THEN he proceeded to dance his way through a variety of songs, including Wu-Tang Clan and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Nothing in the history of the VMAs has embarrassed me more. Not Britney Spears’ sad slow-roasting sausage dance to “Gimme More” in 2007. NOT Coldplay, not the Michael Jackson tribute, which could have been much more elaborate…

Chris Brown dancing to “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” now that really made my toes curl. It was like the stage was Kurt Cobain’s grave and he was trying to resurrect the dead by aggravating the shit out of Kurt’s corpse.

If Kurt Cobain had been alive to see that, the reason for his suicide may have been quite different. We would know for certain that it was Chris Brown’s fault.

Woman-beating piece of shit. I hate you.

2 thoughts on “Chris Brown BUTCHERS Nirvana

  1. Stop all ya haiting. Nirvana no around my age even knows them, Chris did them good by helping peeps even know who he is. So shut the F*** UP BITCH.


    1. Umm no, Nirvana and Kurt are very well known for their amazing music. Unlike this fucking nigger who beats woman, honestly that’s all I know him for.


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