Disappointing Britney Spears VMA Tribute

Obviously I am not happy about the MTV Video Music Awards this year. So far I’ve been excited to see Rebecca Black dressed as a dinosaur, the Amy Winehouse tribute, Adele’s performance and Beavis & Butthead staring at Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass Bazoombas.

While I am happy that there was a tribute at all for Britney Spears and that she won the award for Best Pop Video for “Till The World Ends,” the tribute part of it was a huge letdown.

This year Britney (who looked very healthy/pretty) was presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and a group of people got together to apparently, celebrate her history…

And by a bunch of people, I mean tiny prostitutes dancing for two minutes in outfits that represented some of Britney’s most famous music videos – like “Baby One More Time,” “Oops I Did It Again” and “Toxic.”

Nobody famous got together for it, besides Lady Gaga, who presented her with the award dressed as Jo Calderone, twitching and sucking the air like a tiny meth-addicted baby elephant.

The VMA Britney Spears tribute

At first, as I was watching it, I was like, “Why are all these girls so short? Are they midgets? Are they children? OH MY GOD! They are children!” Kids in slutty outfits, dancing to unrecognizably remixed versions of Britney songs! Asians in Catholic school girl outfits. It was just straight VMA pop pedophilia.

Why do the VMAs have to suck? Ever since 2004, they just plain suck.  Why couldn’t Lady Gaga and Katy Perry come out and sing a bunch of Britney Spears songs? I thought that’s what was going to happen.

[P.S: I do not blame the kids who danced in the tribute, they did a good job, and I don’t hate kids. Well, not always. I blame MTV’s producers, and costume designers]

3 thoughts on “Disappointing Britney Spears VMA Tribute

  1. Brittany, looked happy and healthy good to see. Thanks for all of her videos on here. Those kids in the tribute where sweet.


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