Daryl Hannah Handcuffed

Daryl Hannah, star of Splash and Steel Magnolias was arrested today for protesting the Keystone oil pipeline that could possibly run through Canada.

The police asked her to leave at least an area outside The White House twice but she refused, later stating,

“Sometimes it’s necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom.”

It’s true too. When are government officials going to realize that we are going to run out of oil?

Putting a pipeline through Canada is one of the worst ideas ever. Pointless and rooted in the past not to mention dangerous to the environment. Fossil fuels are not a viable long-term source of energy anymore.

We just keep insisting on building cars that ONLY run on fossil fuel when other countries (Sweden, South Africa, France, Japan) are way ahead of us.

Even China is more advanced than America in terms of green energy! Why is our country so hopelessly addicted to oil? Soon it will be gone and we will be going cold turkey, in a state of utter chaos and panic.

…When that happens, a bunch of idiots are going to be surprised and complain about the apocalypse or something, it’s beyond comprehension in terms of stupidity.

Daryl Hannah isn’t the first celeb to stand up against this proposal, Superman actress Margot Kidder was arrested last week in front of the white house, standing up for the same exact cause.

[P.S. Go Daryl Hannah! Way to stand up for something you believe in, celebrity or not. Look at you, feisty and smiling all smug at that cop, badass]

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