Teleporting Super Mario Bros Indie Game

Indie game developer Stabyourself (Maurice Guégan and Sašo Smole) are the brains behind a new project that combines the mirrored teleporting aspects of the game Portal with the retro familiarity of Nintendo’s original Super Mario Brothers.

Mari0 (with a zero) will be 100% free to Mac and PC users once it comes out, though the release date is currently unknown.

Guégan and Smole promise that,

“The primary maps will have a story and some portal-y puzzles,” And their catchphrase is,What if Nintendo teamed up with Valve and recreated the famous Mario game with Portal gun mechanics?’

And to clarify, they’ve put some hilarious legal notes on their webpage, 

“We’re not gaining a single cent from anything. We don’t have ads on the site, donation buttons, or even ads on the youtube videos…We’ve even received requests to port Mari0 to consoles and whatnot, but that’s not going to happen without some incredible unicorn magic.”

Mari0 will include multiplayer compatibility, map editing options and all the original levels including the infamous Lost Levels.

They also promise in-game downloadable map packs with the best user-made maps available to other players as well. 

Looks fantastic!

What do you think?

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