UK Woman’s Implant Explodes During Paintball

After a 26 year-old British woman’s implant burst during paintball, the company, UK Paintball, decided to quickly rewrite their policies. The front page of their website contains a humorous statement:

“Due to an incident at our Croydon Paintballing centre on Saturday 20 August 2011 we respectfully ask that any ladies with surgical breast implants notify our team at the time of booking. You will be given special information on the dangers of paintballing with enhanced boobs and asked to sign a disclaimer. You will also be issued with extra padding to protect your implants while paintballing. Thank you for your cooperation…” 

I would think this would just make women with implants NOT want to let people at a paintball facility know that they have fake boobs, since it sounds like a real pain in the ass.

Wearing extra armor, signing a disclaimer, going through the embarrassment of telling some dude that your boobs aren’t real, what a nuisance.

I think when you go to play paintball they should just make you walk through some sort of implant scanner. Then they can issue you the required chainmail without letting the whole world know about your procedures.

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