Famed Quarter Horse Jockey Paralyzed

Hall Of Fame jockey Jacky Martin was tragically diagnosed as paralyzed on Sunday, September 4th. He remains on a respirator, in critical condition at University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas.

Martin, 56, was thrown from a horse during a race on Friday at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico for The All-American Futurity, the Kentucky Derby of the quarter horse racing world. Jacky is a 7-time winner of that race, and was paired with the horse Phire Power on Friday…

Shortly after the race, Martin was thrown was the horse, suffering multiple neck fractures. A day after being airlifted to El Paso’s medical facility his wife/agent, Tracey, was given the news that he is paralyzed.

“We need everybody’s prayers, and we’re going to need everybody’s help somewhere down the road,” she told media outlets.

Doctors are not 100% positive if the paralysis is temporary or not, due to the possibility of swelling around the spine dissipating.

He has a tracheotomy scheduled Tuesday, which will better allow him to breath, speak and eat.

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