Adrian Grenier Bids Farewell To Entourage

I don’t want to go too crazy explaining how awful and rushed the Entourage series finale was. Let’s just say, the dialogue was cheesier than if you combined all the food from Taco Bell and Pizza Hut into one menu item.

The “story” wasn’t so hot either. I don’t want to spoil too much, but family life doesn’t go with Entourage. After eight seasons, I expect more from HBO – this was a testosterone-fest turned pajama party.

“Vince” aka Adrian Grenier took to his Facebook yesterday to express his feelings on the show’s end….

Well Adrian, your farewell falls kind of flat since his isn’t goodbye. Creator Doug Ellin explained in early August,

“We’re going to do a movie. We’re going to do it. It’s just a question of when and how quick.”

[Maybe it’ll be just like Sex And The City, they can all be brides and then have menopause in a foreign country]

One thought on “Adrian Grenier Bids Farewell To Entourage

  1. hey the last season was alright, but this will go down as the best show that was ever made for cable regular tv and all other channels. Hands down.


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