Football Jerseys – The New ‘Fashion’ Extreme?

NY Times and others are reporting on the the shameless way that college football teams vie for media attention by wearing bizarre jerseys, each team trying to outdo the next. The controversy was sparked by Maryland’s “two-face” Jerseys. (Above)

There’s actually en entire job dedicated to analyzing jerseys, for ESPN? Paul Lukas a “uniform reporter” says that the new designs are much more about “making costumes for superheroes” than for athletes, calling them “foolish” and “desperate…”

On the other hand, it’s actually a great thing for people who AREN’T hardcore sports fans, especially college football. I may watch select NFL games, and playoffs and the Superbowl but I’m in no way so vested in football that I see this as a distraction.

It’s something fun for fans, that distracts from the fact that most football games stretch on for around four hours.

One thing, my native Oregon Ducks, nearly 400 combinations of uniforms for game-day? That is too many.

Here are some of the oddest, “best,” or considerably ugly football choices in NFL and college…

4 thoughts on “Football Jerseys – The New ‘Fashion’ Extreme?

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