Scientists To Implement Artificial ‘Hose’ Volcano

In an effort to cool the climate, engineers and scientists in the U.K. will test the effects of an artificial volcano this October.

The test consists of pumping water into the atmosphere with a giant hose, as part of a larger scheme against global warming, to manipulate the earth’s environment.

The mock volcano is called “Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering,” or S.P.I.C.E….

A Canadian group, ETC, have called out SPICE for being irresponsible and not taking other factors into consideration, such as the possibility of the mock-volcano causing droughts.

Matthew Watson, the lead scientist for SPICE, says of his team’s work,

“This is one of the first times that people have taken geoengineering out of the lab and into the field…We are still decades away – and I do mean decades – from doing real geoengineering.”

[He sounds semi-incompetant and like he doesn’t believe that it’ll work…Hmmm Nothing “spicier” than a false volcano made out of a gigantic hose, shooting water into the sky]

What do you think?

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