Good Casting Cannot Make ‘Expendables 2’ Desirable

2010’s The Expendables directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, featured an A-list action-hero cast…

Sadly, casting couldn’t save the first film from mind-bogglingly poor special-effects and a plot so bad it made me wish I was starring in a real-life version of the movie – as a henchwoman who dies two minutes in.

Not only has a sequel to The Expendables been confirmed but casting rumors have been as well by Stallone himself. Not only will Arnold Schwarzenegger  and Bruce Willis reprise their roles ‘in a more substantial way,’ but Mr. Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris himself will appear…

Also confirmed, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Stallone described the role to EW,

“We’ll have a big showdown between me and Van Damme, which has been anticipated for a long time, so it should be a good one.”

I also believe the cast members from the first film (who didn’t die) will come back for this pile of crap.

[I love Stallone, Rocky and Rambo sequels worked out but ewww Expendables 2, boring sausage festival]

3 thoughts on “Good Casting Cannot Make ‘Expendables 2’ Desirable

  1. Hey there where some hot guys in the first and it was great for the action scennes maybe your just the make up kinda girl who likes they chik flicks. I’m into it all. They just need some hot tata’s for these movies.


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