Nick Cannon Whacks It To Mariah Songs, Wants Scientist Children

Mariah Carey‘s husband, D-list actor/musician Nick Cannon has been put his hoof in his mouth for the millionth time.

This week, he talked to People Magazine about a potential career for his children, and spoke to the radio show Mojo In The Morning about his “special moments” with his wife’s music.

Mojo: When you guys get intimate with each other…Have you ever listened to one of her songs or one of your songs?…

“Definitely not one of my songs, I mean having relations to ‘Gigolo’ is probably not the most romantic thing, but I mean my wife has made some beautiful music and even on her last album there’s a couple of songs that she wrote that were kind of like inspired by our intimate times so we definitely have Mariah Carey playing in the background when those times are in play.” 

“Sometimes I just have her music when she’s not around, just me and myself”

Mojo: You listen to her music when you’re taking care of yourself?

“Absolutely, that’s the best way you know because I travel a lot.”

On his twins, Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott Cannon’s possible careers, to People

“I just want them to strive for something greater than entertainment. I’m one of those believers in teachers, professors, heart surgeons. That’s what I’m rooting for. If I could get a scientist, that’d be amazing.”

What a bunch of narcissists! They told People earlier this year that after Mariah’s cavern spit out those two cave-dwelling babies (using sonar just like their mother) they listened to “We Belong Together!”

Mariah’s music is the literal soundtrack to their lives.

[I wonder which songs Nick whacks off to? Probably “Shake It Off” or maybe “Fantasy?” And at the high parts he goes faster and faster like the Flash Gordon of R&B penis-tugging]

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