Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Called Lea Michele Fat?

On yesterday’s episode of E!’s Fashion Police, guest critic Sarah Hyland from ABC’s Modern Family stopped by to weigh in on the latest trends and celebrity faux pas with regulars Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic and George Kotsiopoulos.

On Lea Michele’s red carpet pose, Hyland, inserted her opinion after Joan Rivers said she “despised” the way Glee’s Lea Michele poses at events.

“I have seen her pose on the red carpet, the Glee premiere ummm for the 3d movie, I was right behind her, and she puts her hands on her hips and like, sticks out her collarbones to make her look skinnier.”

Hyland, 20, also called her a “slutty Pocahontas” in the particular dress (above) she had on at NY Fashion Week…

I admit she didn’t exactly call her fat, but it was kind of a scathing dig for a fellow young actress and someone who isn’t a regular on the show. It also wasn’t even remotely as funny to watch as something Joan Rivers would cook up.

[Alos, Lea Michele doesn’t need to try to “look skinnier.” She’s already thin/normal]

2 thoughts on “Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Called Lea Michele Fat?

  1. Hyland, is right she is the one with that tight bod, lea is a bitch you can see it on her face, and she has abig ass for her body size.


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