‘2 Broke Girls’ Season Premiere Review

There’s always something comforting about the two bare essentials of sitcoms, tried and true – a good old fashioned opposites-attract style friendship, and a waitressing gig.

The coffee shop/diner thing is essential to most every memorable show, 90210‘s Peach Pit, Cheers, Central Perk on Friends, Monk’s Cafe on Seinfeld.

How unsurprising that it also triggered some pleasant memories on 2 Broke Girls.

The show is the brainchild of Michael Patrick King (key writer for Sex And The City) and Whitney Cummings. Yes you heard it right, the woman who has her own starring role on a separate brand-new sitcom on NBC titled Whitney.

2 Broke Girls’ first episode premiered yesterday on CBS after a record-breaking episode of Two And A Half Men, starring Ashton Kutcher in a buzzed-about role, after Charlie Sheen’s insanity departure…

Broke Girls stars the brazenly charming smartass Kat Dennings (Nick & Norah, 40 Year-Old Virgin, Thor) in an underrated role, one barely talked about over people like Zooey Deschanel (New Girl) or Whitney Cummings.

As much as I love Deschanel, and Cummings as a comedian, Dennings is the one I would have bet on as the most likely to successfully transition from film to TV. I can’t vouch for it actually being true yet, since I haven’t evaluated the other shows yet, but 2 Broke Girls surprised me.

It is by no means perfect, after getting used to HBO and Showtime, I find myself gagging a little at laugh-tracks since I don’t like being told what to do. AT LEAST this show is raunchy for basic cable, I was quite surprised to hear jokes about vaginas and non-Whitney “cumming.”

And perhaps Whitney Cummings should have put all her eggs in one basket, with this one? Why spread yourself thin? I can easily see Whitney as a side character and creator combo here.

The show follows the sarcastic middle-class protagonist Max (Dennings) and a former rich girl/Paris Hilton clone (Beth Behrs) who previously lost her family fortune (recession/Bernie Madoff humor) and seeks last resort employment at Max’s workplace in Brooklyn.

The side characters leave something to be desired… A womanizing chef? Uber-black man DJ-looking cashier? FOB Asian management? Shirtless scumbag eight-pack boyfriend – for Dennings? Random.

Of course the formula is not perfect, some of the jokes are cliche and the familiarity of it might also bring up the word “unoriginal,” but the dirty humor and excellent principle casting manages to save it from falling into the abyss of shows you’d never consider giving a second view.

[I’m just not sure about the bizarrely lesbian Macchiato-horseback scene? Was that necessary]

2 thoughts on “‘2 Broke Girls’ Season Premiere Review

  1. I watched the show by accident, never even heard of it. Really liked it. The sitcom is really not being pushed anymore by the networks. hopefully this show can make it in today’s tv world of crime shows and reality it might be hard. I’m a lesbian and did not think the horse scene was at all anything but comedy. Try not to look to hard into things.


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