$85 For A Coffee-Stained Shirt? I Pass

Alexander Wang may be acclaimed in the fashion world for his designs, but this one just goes over my head.

It’s literally a t-shirt with a fake coffee stain down the front of it, accompanied by the Starbucks logo? If it was at a thrift store for $8, yeah I’d pick it up, but $85? Hrmph.

Wang’s contribution is one part of Starbuck’s 40th anniversary, a partnership with the Council Of Fashion Designers. Also on board, Sophie Theallet and Billy Reid, with less-bizarre (but still boring) designs.

Doesn’t Starbucks have enough money already? The company has more chains than 1850’s Virginia.

They still have a gluttonous desire for money, through Nordstrom and their website? On their “birthday,” grrr I hope you die by caffeine-waterboarding…

Shirts by Billy Reid & Sophie Theallet

[P.S: I’ll take it back in exchange for a Pumpkin Spice Latte or two?]

4 thoughts on “$85 For A Coffee-Stained Shirt? I Pass

  1. It kills me what some people think they can get away with in Art and that includes fashion! It seems to get worse the bigger that name/brand gets. Like the name alone will make people want to toss around crazy cash just to have something created by whom ever! If it’s trash then it’s trash! Price it accordingly. Don’t make money off of your accident.


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