Hugh Jackman Forgot To Fake His Wrestling Move?

WWE Wrestler Dolph Ziggler claimed that at an event that Hugh Jackman appeared at, to promote his new robotic-Rocky boxing movie Real Steel, the actor punched him for real in his jaw.

Ziggler posted several Tweets mentioning that he had to get an MRI and possibly sustained a hairline jaw fracture after Jackman punched him during Monday Night Raw.

TMZ is reporting, however, that Ziggler made the whole thing up…

Sources close to him have said that there was definitely no fracture and no MRI needed, though Ziggler was in a little pain after Wolverine slapped him.

Haha Hugh, at least now people think you are actually strong enough to hurt some roided-up muscleman with a shrunken grease banana.

You’re telling me the “real” fake punch was actually fake? I’m not stable enough to cope with people lying about my favorite sport.

Afterall, Vince McMahon was always such a nice and truthful man. What happened to the honesty in wrestling?

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