‘Lion King 3D’ Sings Its Way To Top Of Box Office, Tune of $30 Million

After numerous blogs and years after the rebirth of 3D, people have been saying that it is “on the decline,” though there’s one movie this week that begs to differ.

James Cameron proved with Avatar, that if done right, the technology can bring in buckets of cash and asses in their respective red seats.

Alas, that was back in 2009, and again people called 3D a thing of the past, pointing critically at the box office while quoting statistics.

The Lion King 3D is the film here to tell disbelievers (again) that only Mufasa is the only one who is dead, and not 3D. This famous 1994 Disney flick, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and James Earl Jones, had the second highest opening for a re-release in cinema history…

It made over $30 million dollars at the box office over the weekend, scoring it the number one spot over more adventurous choices, like Straw DogsDrive and Contagion.

Lion King CoDirector Rob Minkoff explained his feelings on 3D technology, and The Lion King’s place in it all to Movieweb, back in July:

“We didn’t want to do it just to do it, because it’s in fashion. This conversation about 3D has only been going on for a few years, at the most, but after seeing Avatar in the theater, it was incredible…The enthusiasm for it was high, as long as it was done well.” 

“If you think about it, it’s kind of a gimmicky thing, and when 3D is used that way, it’s a gimmick but it’s also an obvious choice. The truth is, you don’t really want it to come off the screen, except in moments where it really makes sense.”

Actually I’m on of the few movie goers who wants 3D that pops off the screen, and why should I be the only one? If I’m going to pay around $12 dollars a ticket I want results that don’t just surface once every 40 minutes.

One more thing, I’m not attributing it’s top box office spot to 3D at all, though it does prove that 3D CAN do quite well. The Lion King is a fan favorite among children and even adults, so I’d say it was a sure thing.

[If you’re ever faced with some kind of pre-weekend box office high-stakes bet, ALWAYS pick the children’s/cartoon/Pixar movie – or Taylor Lautner. (One in the same?)]

3 thoughts on “‘Lion King 3D’ Sings Its Way To Top Of Box Office, Tune of $30 Million

  1. Holly, I won’t justify your insane behavior. I just wanted to say that this movie makes me feel old, I was a kid when I saw this now my kids are liking this movie. Holly, you need to take a time out.


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