Ed Helms Is The Official New ‘Office’ Boss

I have to admit, I don’t watch The Office,  and have no interest in watching it because I don’t understand it. Maybe I’m not “smart” enough, but to me the show is about as funny as watching kids drown.

Despite all that, I wanted to congratulate Ed Helms (The Hangover, Cedar Rapids) on landing the job as the coveted new boss.

His character, Andy Bernard, has been on NBC’s The Office since the third season, so he won’t likely have any issues finding his “groove” with the cast…

The promotion comes as somewhat of a surprise to fans, after a plethora of guest stars filled in/interviewed for Steve Carell’s old position, such as Ray Romano, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell and even Ricky Gervais.

However, creators settled on Ed to “helm” the fictional company Dunder-Mifflin. He made his debut in the eighth season premiere on Thursday night, September 22.

Helms told TV Line, regarding his new TV job:

“Andy is a boss who is terrified of being a boss. He is making an overt attempt to step up his game. And just as me the actor, Ed Helms, is feeling pressure and excitement about stepping into a larger role like this, Andy Bernard, the character, is also feeling a hell of a lot of pressure and anxiety.”

In other Office casting news, James Spader will appear as the new CEO.

[I hope Spader opens some sort of corporate Stargate, and gets sucked, along with the rest of the cast, into a desert land filled with half-dressed Egyptian aliens and their transgendered leader. Never to be seen or heard from again]

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