Jonah Hill And Matthew Morrison Are Pretend Feuding

Jonah Hill told a funny story on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, September 21.

The story goes that Jonah was at a Fox event with Glee star Matthew Morrison, who according to Hill, told him to be be quiet:

“‘He [Morrison] goes, ‘Jonah can’t you stop talking for one second…’ And everyone laughed at me.”

Hill says he ran into Morrison a separate time, where another awkward situation ensued…

“I see this guy Matthew Morrison and he’s talking to one of the Gossip Girl guys, girl guys, Chace Crawford, so no joke they don’t see me I wander behind these two guys and I’m eavesdropping and I hear ‘something something something JONAH HILL,’ and then they both start laughing…And so I’m the punchline in this guy’s joke? Yo Matthew Morrison, you better bring your shit next time I see you. I’d like to see him sing his way out of this one.”

Morrison sent in a snarky video response to Fallon, directed at Hill, where he responded: 

“I can sing my way out of it and I can dance my way out of it. Pick a date and I will meet you on ‘Late Night’ and we will settle this like men. Be very afraid. Nobody messes with someone from musical theater! This just got real, man.”

And now as a summary of this whole debacle, two quotes directed at Matthew/Mr. Schuester by Jane Lynch/Sue Sylvester, on Glee:

‘’I don’t trust a man with curly hair. I can’t help picturing small birds laying sulfurous eggs in there, and I find it disgusting.’’

“I’m reasonably confident you will be adding revenge to the long list of things you’re no good at, right next to being married, running a high school glee club, and finding a hair style that doesn’t make you look like a lesbian.”

[Jonah and Jane need to double team Matthew Morrison, non-sexullay of course. He’d probably try to burst their eardrums with show tunes, but it’s still worth a shot]

2 thoughts on “Jonah Hill And Matthew Morrison Are Pretend Feuding

  1. The feud is real. I saw Jimmy Fallon, and he was super pissed. The glee, guy is trying to make fun of the feud because he will get his ass kicked.


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