Russell Brand Rejected By Canada, Postpones Show

Comedian/actor Russell Brand was denied entry to Canada by customs officials in Orillia, Ontario where he was trying to perform his stand-up routine at Casino Rama.

Mr. Katy Perry/blackbeard firework relayed via Twitter on Saturday night that he was unable to enter the country and that the show had been cancelled.

Brand was also rejected by customs in Japan in May of this year, and to the U.S. back in 2008 – due to his prior criminal record.

On being being denied access to America several years ago he told David Letterman, “I was turned out of this country, like a common criminal…” 

Ah, another stroke of bad luck for Russell, especially after Rosie O’Donnell confirmed him as the first guest on “The Rosie Show” AND declared him her celebrity crush.

Haha, only Katy Perry and a person incapable of actually dating him due to their sexuality (Rosie) would actually admit to such things.

I mean, the dude’s funny but he’s also an emaciated crackhead who replaced excessive drugs with excessive yoga, and he talks faster than a 7 year-old that eats Pixy Stix for dinner.

[Here’s the picture Russell tweeted amongst his various mentions of the ordeal]

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