Former NY Governor’s Stepdaughter Commits Bottle Assault

At 4:45 am on Saturday October 1st, Ashley Dennis – stepdaughter of ex-New York governor David Paterson – was arrested for hitting her boyfriend Brian McGuinness over the head with a bottle.

His stepdaughter, an account executive at Edelman Public Affairs, had a huge fight with her boyfriend at his West Village apartment. After neighbors, who described the fight as ‘loud and bloody’ called the police…

“There was blood on the floor, on the door handle, all over the hallway, I thought it was a murder. Superintendent Pearl DiGeronimo said, Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, the man must have done something to provoke that reaction.”

The argument escalated over an unknown issue, which resorted to McGuinness, 30, strangling Dennis, 23, who reportedly broke a bottle over his head and slammed his leg in a door several times until he passed out.

Her boyfriend was charged with a misdemeanor (“criminal obstruction of breathing”) while she was charged with felony assault. The two were likely not intoxicated, and Ashley is due back in court on December 20th.

David Paterson is of course the legally blind African-American governor of NY, from 2008-2010, who took the place of Eliot Spitzer. He was also spoofed repeatedly by SNL and Fred Armisen.

Paterson’s 15 year-old biological son, Alex, got in some trouble with the police in 2010 for illegal gambling and possessing someone else’s debit card.

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