‘American Horror Story’ Premiere, Rundown And Stills

Wednesday marked an exciting day in television history, the premiere of a high-budget and potentially high-quality horror TV show, besides The Walking Dead. FX and creator Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck, Glee) deliver the weirdly captivating show, American Horror Story.

“Weird” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Within a single episode we are shown fleeting images of disfigured monsters reminiscent of something in a video game centered around a mental hospital. Plus ghosts, nudity, bondage, girl fights and Jessica Lange, her foreshadowing down-syndrome daughter and much more…

Here’s the synopsis: A family, played by Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) Dylan McDermott and daughter, Vera Farmiga’s much younger sister Taissa Farmiga move into a new house with a sordid past.

The husband (McDermott) also has a questionable past, committing adultery with his student over a year before the move, while his wife (Britton) was dealing with the aftereffects of a tragic stillbirth miscarriage.

So they move to a new place to try and brighten up their lives, I’d assume, when really it’s the worst choice of a new home that you can imagine. The real estate agent even tells them that the previous owners killed themselves in it, but that hardly deters the mother – who calls the house’s demented artwork “comforting.”

As is expected with Ryan Murphy on a show that isn’t about high schoolers who sing and dance their way through alienation, relationship woes and homophobia, American Horror Story is full of male nudity and even cussing. (Everything but “fuck”)

By nudity I mean, Dylan Mcdermott’s hairy butt, chest and legs – as close as a non-HBO, Showtime or Starz series can come to baring all. My concern with AMS is the potential of an overdose of vagueness, oddity and flashes of thought-provoking but confusing imagery.

The acting and cast can save this show. The premiere was very strong, but like I said, if it gets any weirder it might lose the fanbase that it just earned moments ago.

Scenes with Connie Britton (one of my current favorite actresses) and Jessica Lange (underrated ingenuity) are fantastic enough to make TV junkies cringe in delight. And the ratings prove it! 3.2 million overall, higher than FX’s most popular show, Sons Of Anarchy.

There isn’t a weak spot in the collective armor of the cast. Even Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) as a red-headed maid who may or may not be a figment of everyone’s imagination, steals scenes in the mere seconds that she graces the screen.

The make-up is excellent and perfectly macabre, regardless of the fact that the moments it’s used make me wonder what the hell is going on and who/what all these ghosts and monsters are.

I suggest that all my readers (all 10 of them) tune the fuck in to this show, if not just to explain it to me later on! Out of all the new shows (Pan Am, Charlie’s Angels, The Playboy Club, The Ringer) THIS is the one to watch. (Besides 2 Broke Girls)

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