Worst Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of 2011 (Porpoise Sightings)

Julia Roberts, Ke$ha and Mel B

Ah celebrities and their love/hate relationship with the beach, bikinis, paparazzi and general body dysmorphia. Body issues that I am in no way helping by critiquing and berated on my filthy, degrading website. (Meh)

Most of these celebrities aren’t even overweight. In fact, many are disturbingly skinny and withered from years of starvation, mid-chest sun exposure, alcohol-slurping and botched cosmetic surgery…

The absolute worst beach body of the year goes to Tara Reid. A repeat offender who is in desperate need of not only a full-coverage swimsuit but also a couple of In-N-Out cheeseburgers. These three sticktasticly anorexic sand people could also use a burger:

[Janice Dickinson, Gisele Bundchen and Kelly Bensimon, from left]

Or there’s the large terrifying muscles of Serena Williams, the biggest bitch in sports besides Michael Vick, who, for reasons beyond me, is constantly included on “sexiest female athlete” lists…

Or the finely aged 65 year-old cheese of Goldie Hawn (who I love, but still) or Donatella Versace – who suffers from that previously mentioned leather-skinned, toasted bacon chest affliction.

And ta-dah, Mrs. Tara Ried, the crotch-flashing 35 year-old who manages to look much worse than Donatella, who is 56. There is nothing redeeming about this, she’s 1000 times more beyond help than Lindsay Lohan, or a dead person.

And, to soothe your mind and horrify you less (like watching Bridesmaids after The Exorcist, or drinking a vanilla milkshake moments after swallowing buckets of cod liver oil) I present you with the three best bikini bodies:

 [Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and an anonymous embarrassing celebrity. Sorry none of these attractive people are white. I myself am Caucasian/Scandinavian and therefore self-loathing]

8 thoughts on “Worst Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of 2011 (Porpoise Sightings)

  1. Honestly, you should find a new pat time; the Internet needs to be a platform to shun this type of ignorance. I hope they pull this article from this site and no longer accept your article submissions.


  2. You are a disgusting human being who only sees the surface of human beings. What is important is inside them or what they do for humanity, for the loved-ones. Beauty is captured in the movement and through action as well as through the life, the gestures, and especially the eyes of the person. You are a voyeur whose eyes are dead and souless. You are a disgrace. Beauty is not to be judged by the likes of you. Also, who are you to judge women you sexist?

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  3. Contrary to what you said, of the 3 you listed as looking good, two are white (Caucasian). Being white doesn’t necessarily mean pale, otherwise people could change race just by getting a tan. Look up the anthropological terms relating to phenotype (race). It will clarify this for you.


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