Your New Favorite Music Website Is…

Musictonic! It’s already my new favorite site for use during lazy internet couch-potato time. I don’t know much about the company, except that it was created by Lasse Johnsen, a web designer who hails from Barcelona.

What I can tell you is it’s the new Pandora and In fact, it combines Last.Fm’s artist directory with YouTube’s video collection. Musictonic helps you discover new artists by having you type in your favorite band or singer…

It then relays two beautifully organized and simple sidebars – a list of music videos from the artist whose named you just typed in and a list of bands who you also might enjoy, which directs you to more wonderful music videos.

It’s visually stunning and innovative in a way that will make you want to hit yourself in the head for not thinking of it first!

So far the company does not have an app for mobile devices, but I’m sure if it does well they will incorporate that – though it’s much better on a computer anyway since videos are obviously best suited for fullscreen enjoyment.

Enough explaining, go see for yourself.

[Musictonic = Pandora for eyes]

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