Meet The New Cast Of ‘The Real World: San Diego’

The Real World is one of the longest running reality shows I can think of, if not the longest (Since 1992) and is perhaps responsible for the reality-television craze.

I don’t know when the show became a terrible sex-crazed stupidity contest, it used to be emotional, sometimes comedic, yes but meaningful.

The show dealt with important issues, such as aids, homelessness, political differences and homophobia. But that was in the 90’s, when everything was better…

Anyway, I’ve been on strike from even letting my eyes go anywhere near a television when the recent Real World episodes of the past seven years have been on. And I only say seven cause I didn’t have cable before then. BUT the new season is good! I promise!

It’s not 90’s good but it’s, this decade reality-show good. Entertaining, even though only one character from season 26 (Alexandra) is likable or even normal. Regardless, here’s a little cast summary, with pictures, ya’all!

Priscilla Mendez, 19. 
Priscilla is the first character we meet. She openly talks with her mother (who looks like her sister) about sex, and is the youngest of the group. God knows why they’d even allow a 19 year-old in a house full of 20-somethings who barely have any hobbies besides alcohol consumption. She’s sort of, one of those girls you can’t peg.

Like you think she’s an airhead (who thinks Kansas has a beach) but then you find out she’s pre-med and studying psychology.

Ashley Kelsey, 24. Ashley, the East Coast model and supposed “looks” of the bunch besides Zach/Thor, is the most boring banana in this colorful bunch.

Out of the two episodes aired so far she’s been the least talkative, or the least shown on camera even. Seems more of a friendly sidekick to about half the cast. A romance between her and Thor (doesn’t look like Thor, just tall) is inevitable.

Zach Nichols, 23. This dude is 6’3,” wears bandanas and is referred to as “Thor” by his housemates though Chris Hemsworth is much more handsome and blonde, I might add.

Oh well. Zach is sort of a simpleton, like Ashley and Priscilla. The candy Smarties may actually be smarter, but he serves a purpose in the house. I think? For his random commentary, and as a crush for the equally boring Ashley.

Samantha McGinn, 21. Have you seen the promotional ads for this season of the Real World? Well, there’s a dude running across the screen in a bikini in those promos and it’s actually, Samantha “Sam” McGinn, a lady lesbian who enjoys umm, ladies?

And clams and fish and stuff. Most of the house doesn’t seem to mind her presence, except Zach (who she shares a room with) and Frank, though it hardly phases Sam, who would just say, “Bro, who cares?”

Frank Sweeney, 22. Frank is the bisexual New Yorker with all the emotions of a fasting, menopausal Naomi Campbell. It’s not always anger though, it’s clinginess/frustration that his house crush, Alexandra, has a boyfriend.

His anger at this issue implodes in the second episode, where he becomes infuriated and falls on the floor like a crumpled ball of chest-baring melancholia with alcohol poisoning.

Alexandra Govere, 21. Govere is “the normal one,” though I’m not sure how “normal” extreme innocence and naivety are.

She’s the only one with a significant other, hails from Los Angeles but born in Zimbabwe. She’s a part-time gymnast, dancer and singer who graduated from high school at the age of 14. Damn! Way to make us all feel like losers.

7. Nate Stodghill, 22. Nate is the chunky  red-faced blonde-haired Mid-Western frat boy/goofball who describes the Real World house as “literally awesome.” He makes out with Priscilla for a few minutes at one point, and is later confronted by a suspicious Frank, who basically accuses him of forcing himself on her.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though it was the most awkward make-out scene since Jennifer Aniston and Marley.

[Why does MTV have the budget to put The Real World cast in a mansion with a giant chess-board and a beach on the roof while Snooki and The Situation are shoved into a wicker doghouse with a wooden duck for a telephone?]

5 thoughts on “Meet The New Cast Of ‘The Real World: San Diego’

  1. I caugh my mom fingering herself watching this show to that THor dude on that show. She didn’t even stop when she saw me in the window.


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