Paul McCartney Weds Nancy She-Devil In London

No disrespect, I meant Nancy “Shevell.” Yes, after four years of dating, 69 year-old Beatle Paul McCartney has married for the third and hopefully final time to his very low-key heiress bride.

The wedding took place on Sunday at Marylebone Town Hall in London, the same spot that his first marriage to Linda McCartney occurred in 1969.

Shevell, is quite an enigma – not famous enough for anyone to know who she is, considering she’s marrying one of the richest and most famous musicians in the world – but not unknown or scandalous enough to be considered a floozy gold digger type…

The Jersey-native is actually a very successful and hard-working business woman who served on the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority board for a decade, as well as the vice president of her father’s company.

A seemingly normal (besides the $650,000 Cartier rock on her finger) 51 year-old Jewish girl from the East Coast, the daughter of New England Motor Freight CEO Myron “Mike” Shevell.

The wedding to Sir Paul McCartney, who is reportedly worth over 700 million dollars, was very tame, and took place in front of around 30 close friends and family members. Shevell wore a dress designed by Paul’s daughter, noted designer Stella McCartney.

[Truck-driving she-devil!]

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