Tony Bennett Survived Seeing Lady Gaga Naked

Lady Gaga, who worked with 85 year-old Tony Bennett on his Duets II album for “The Lady Is A Tramp,” was doing a risque shoot for Vanity Fair in his studio, which he viewed in its entirety.

The routinely trampy queen of shock-pop talked to Jonathan Ross about the encounter, saying:

“I just shot a spread for Vanity Fair in America and Annie Leibovitz shot me and she wanted me to be naked of course. I was in Tony’s studio and I walked in and she was like: ‘I want you to be naked,’ so I took my robe off and lay down and poor Tony was standing there looking at me like: ‘Oh this fucking girl…'”

…Seeing Lady Gaga naked has got to be more of an out-of-body experience than an encounter of pure terror, like witnessing a legitimate alien autopsy. That must be why Tony Bennett didn’t have a stroke when he saw her. It’s science, not sex.

5 thoughts on “Tony Bennett Survived Seeing Lady Gaga Naked

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