Evan Rachel Wood Has 150 Degree Bieber Fever

Renowned/respected actress Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen, The Wrestler) has been professing her love for Justin Bieber left and right these past few weeks. She says after she went to see Never Say Never as a joke she found herself afflicted with a highly contagious disease: Bieb Fev.

She sang “U Smile” for karaoke once and then burst out into an impressive rendition of “Baby” on Jimmy Fallon while promoting The Ides Of March. (We all know this is a perfect song for a woman to cover)…

She even LOOKS and dresses like Bieber now, either that or she’s still celebrating her “I swing both ways” announcement from April. All I’m taking away from all of this is that Evan Rachel Wood has a really good singing voice! I am in full support of her releasing an album, just not of Justin Bieber cover songs.

Also earlier in her Fallon interview, she explained that while celebrating her birthday in Paris she was dancing in a club and got elbowed in the face, thus knocking her teeth out and resulting in a split lip. What a good sport.

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