NO Shark Fin SOUP FOR YOU, California

Shark fin soup, which can cost up to $100 a bowl, will no longer be available in the state of California because governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill banning its main ingredient.

Some residents are outraged, while others applaud the new law. The fins sell for more than $2,000 a pound and are sometimes used in meals to celebrate Chinese birthdays, parties and weddings…

The delicacy is also very common in Chinatown district restaurants in major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, a few of which may have to close down.

Bill Wong, who helped pass the bill with his petition on says this is an environmentally sound step in the right direction for the state and in preventing shark extinction,

“It puts California at the forefront of the global effort to save sharks led by a broad coalition of Asian Pacific Americans, conservationists, animal rights activists, commercial fishermen, business leaders and artists. The passage of this bill may just be the tipping point that will preserve the shark species and the ocean ecosystem.” 

[Random fact: Around 73 million sharks are killed each year – many for their fins – which are sometimes cut off while they are still alive. It is estimated that certain species numbers are down by 90%]

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