Kat Dennings Is Hilary Duff’s Evil Twin

You feisty catbutt Twist readers can argue all you want with me, but there’s no denying that Kat Dennings is Hilary Duff’s evil twin.

I’m not talking about the kind of thing you see on a soap opera, I’m thinking more something like the raven in Native American mythology, or Bugs Bunny. Dennings would be the trickster version of Duff

Someone who replaces your salt with sugar or hides your Gears Of War 3 disc but leaves the case out. Or bakes cookies with green dye in them. Harmless stuff.

My only point is that the now pregnant Hilary Duff, who bounces around the movie and talk show world like a rubber ball from a quarter machine, LOOKS like Kat Dennings.

Kat is the sarcastic, funny-lady opposite of Duff, with her mischievous vixen smile and brunette devil hair, while Hilary is the equally breasty and doe-eyed candypants bubblebrain butterfly.

[Keep watching 2 Broke Girlsfor brilliantly quotable one-liners and free laughs from the long lost/exiled Duff sister]

10 thoughts on “Kat Dennings Is Hilary Duff’s Evil Twin

  1. I totally agree with you Hallie. I found this page when googled “kat dennings looks like hilay duff”. Yes, I have a super busy life. Anyway, I think they’re both gorgeous women.


  2. Whoa! take a chill pill! the writer is only saying the look alike! no need to bring in their career history or their weight differences! they are both successful in their own ways.


    1. I think she is hot. Hotter then Duff. Dennings is sexy smart and the rack sure don’t hurt. I also think anyone that looks at her and thinks pig is a complete moron.


    2. There only pig and that is you.. how could you say that about someone. She is really great actress and millions more. And i think she has more fans than Hillary i like Hillary even if i didn’t i wouldnot use that kind of language but for you i mad a exception. You really r pig nit only by nature i think you look like that one too.


  3. I sure hope your joking?
    Duff, was Miley Cyrus, before there was one. She is a movie star, superstar singer. Kat Dennings, is a failed movie actress, on a failed T.V. Sitcom.Case closed.


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