For $2,000 You Can Consume A 338-Pound Hamburger!

In what has got to be the worst state (Michigan) in all of America, next to the Dakotas, Idaho and New Jersey, you can buy a gigantic 334 pound burger for the price of two thousand dollars! Mmmm.

The Southgate (14 miles from Detroit) restaurant is called Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar and the 540,000 calorie meat pile (it looks like a giant dark worm-brownie) is known as the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger.”

It also comes with fries and a drink and takes 22 hours to cook, says manager Jason Jones, who wanted to created a world record. He did too, because this is officially the largest burger ever made.

Here are the exact measurements of the ingredients:

  • 15 pounds of lettuce
  • 30 pounds of bacon
  • 36 pounds of cheesy
  • 30 pounds of tomatoes

Other oddities at the grill – which has been featured several times on the Travel Channel – include a 20 inch cookie, a 10 pound meatball and a sundae with one and a half gallons of ice cream. (Serves over 20 people)

[How do you even eat it? I’d break its calcified ass apart with a hockey stick and feed it to a hippo at the zoo MAYBE, but I’d still feel bad]

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