Courtney Stodden’s Reasons To Not Get Plastic Surgery

I really don’t know who Courtney Stodden is. After reading about her, I think she’s famous for being young (17) and marrying some gross old actor dude from Lost and The Green Mile. (51 year-old Doug Hutchison)

Apparently they were dating when she was 16 years-old. Which is horrible and I thought, illegal? But umm, besides that, she’s clearly had a massive wad of plastic surgery…

More plasticizing than I’ve ever seen at her age. She’s turned herself into some kind of high-in-polyethylene-fembot, with more body-altering and tanning than every person on Nip/Tuck combined. Fake boobs, lips, tummy tuck, botox, the works. And, as usual, she looked a million times better before the surgeries. These comparison photos are from her high school days, at age 15.

[In July, Stodden told E! that she “was born this way out of the womb,” implying that her look is 100% natural. Like hot dogs]

11 thoughts on “Courtney Stodden’s Reasons To Not Get Plastic Surgery

  1. I am not going to sit here and lie I would sleep with her eather or but she looked 1000x times better before hand no question, She was actually a very pretty natural looking girl and now she is any thing but that. Actually now its the polar opposite she looks like a 48 year old women who is trying to look 18-21 with over the top and over done to the max plastic surgery then a actual 18 year old girl. Why the hell do people get this done to themself is just beyond me ?


  2. This is another good article you wrote on how the Democratic Party, wants their voter’s to look. This must be Banned.


  3. She is about as real as a 3 dollar bill. And to the jack-ass below that talks about “jackin” yourself all over her plastic boobs. You’re a sick fuck. I have to wonder though, do you talk to your mother like that? Sick bastard….


    1. Pardon, I misread your words. You said IF you had a d*** you would ram it etc etc. my guess is that your some sick bitch who couldn’t even get a guy to pay you any mind, with a filthy mouth like that, I can surely see why!


      1. CornHole. Your just mad because your mama told you that you can’t be gay, I see you shoving her vibrator up your asshole everyday…


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