Heinz Vinegar Ketchup Is Newest Flavor In A Decade

The last attempt at a new look or taste for Heinz Ketchup was “hot and spicy,” back in 2002. Before that there was the abysmal purple and green colored marketing campaign, aimed at children, in 2000.

So what is the newest revamp of one of the most recognizable and American brands of all time? Balsamic vinegar-flavored tomato paste, deliciously heavy with the usual high fructose corn syrup and salt but now with more vinegar!

Yes, traditional Heinz ketchup already contains vinegar, but white vinegar, which is now replaced with higher-quality/stronger Italian aged vinegar.

The item launches in grocery stores nationwide towards the end of December, it is the 58th variety of Heinz ketchup, a company that began in 1869. Past BORING flavors/recipes include: organic, reduced sugar and no salt added.

Reports indicate that the darker ketchup, which costs $2.49 (the original is $1.89 a bottle) is delicious! Plus, Brits already agree, as this bottle of balsamic joy debuted in England earlier this year.

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