Video: Beyonce – “Party” Feat. J. Cole (Plus Stills!)

Unrequited workaholic Beyonce (yes this is my second Beyonce related thing, suck it, it’s a slow day) just finished filming her SIXTH music video off her latest album, 4.

No word on whether she will make a video for every single completely-not-as-good-as-Rihanna song from the album. Let’s play i-spy, music video edition. I spy…

  • A lady drinking from a garden hose
  • Beyonce scraping her green nails against an RV
  • Beyonce flirtatiously tossing cheese puffs at the camera
  • Beyonce on the toilet
  • Beyonce mowing the lawn
  • Beyonce drinking magic wand bubbles?

If I were Beavis, or Butthead, I’d point out that Beyonce appears to do nothing more than throw her fingers around/jerk back and forth/self-satisfy while a bunch of people dance around her in an oblivious manner.

[“Party” features appearances from Kelly Rowland and sissy Solange Knowles]

What do you think?

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