Poor Steven Tyler, Fell, Got Back Up, Turned Into Gollum

According to a study conducted at University of Michigan, a third of people age 60 and older have difficulty getting in and out of the bath or shower, even with safety equipment installed.

Do you know how old American Idol/Aerosmith frontlady Steven Tyler is? 63. So of course I believe him when he says that he hasn’t fallen off the wagon. He wasn’t drunk or high when he fell in the shower, he’s just old and frail, like Gollum.

Tyler told Matt Lauer, after the fall (caused by food poisoning/dehydration) in a hotel in South America on October 25th:

“It was like one-stop shopping. They stitched up my eye, the did a little plastic surgery, and they fixed my tooth – all in one fell swoop.”

Plastic surgery? Oh my god, he’s more natural than a Wendy’s sea salt french fry, he must’ve hated having to alter his face like that.

[Random fact: Steven Tyler is sometimes called the “Demon of Screamin”]

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